Mevlânâ Culturel Centre, about 1kms from Mevlânâ Museum, is located near to the historical Üçler Cemetery. The centre, about 100.000 m² field ground, is able to provide enough seat and location for every activities can be organized.

Within the centre there are two, open air and covered, semahane (ritual hall). The festivals, which was celebrated in every December for the name of Mevlâna Jelaleddin Rûmî, is commemorated under the biggest kandil (oil lamp) of the world, with its  so many places; fuaye, exhibition hall, cafeteria library, research centre, meeting and show halls.

The centre that will be the heart of the culturel activities in any time of the year will contribute a new undertanding to the culturel and turism life of Konya. it is also as high quality magnificence as  enough to be a very important meeting place where the world’s attraction is always upon them.