Meke Crater Lake is located 8 kms from the district of Karapınar. It is circle shaped like an island located at the middle of the lake which is called Meke at the top of the hill that was made of volcano remainings. This hill created another three hillock. All the surroundings of the hill was covered by dark ashes. Its depth is no more than 12 metres. The lake’s salty water mixed with magnesium and sodium sulfate is coming out from the earth. As it is a sole crater lake, Meke Crater Lake, of Turkey in Karapınar region, its location as it is like a hidden beauty in the middle of the desert as magnificent as to estonish people those who perceive it first time.




At the bank of Beyşehir Lake with its incomparable nature beatuties and walking fields to observe sunsetting and recording this moment is a privilege. Islands that are valued with historical and touristic sites within the lake are worth of seeing beauties too.



Göksu stream which is fed by streams coming from high plateau of the Middle Tourus Mountains, flows to the southern side meeting with fresh sky blue water that is admired observing by those who see it sometimes on the surface sometimes in its way under the ground embraces Mediterranean See. One of the paradise corners of our country with its nature beauty, Göksu stream with its falls located in Yerköprü place the disctrict of Hadim reflects unsatisfied beauties. It is one of the magnificent nature beauties on the Göksu stream that is a wonder of nature that was created by the result of the travertine layer to be remained hanging by the process of sedimentation of travertine on alluvium which was appeared by the impact of Göksu.



The biggest lake of the region was a tectonic formation. Its depth is not much. Despite the lake’s field expands in the winter and in the spring, its field become smaller because of  evaporation and weak raining. Salt Lake which produces 30 % of salt needs of Turkey attracts attention of people with its uncomparable landscape.



Obruk lake is a magnificent nature beauty which is its colour cahnged each of the day according to the day light and it is 145 metres in depth.



Meram’s weather, waters and vineyards were cited in chronicles, songs, and poems. It is located 7 kms to the cith centre of Konya and it is surrounded by forests which is a resort enjoyed to be visited by local and foreign tourists.